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The Aztecs and Maya

Important Items:

  • The Aztecs were a well-organized, but militaristic society that lasted until 1525CE (A.D.).
  • The Aztecs would credit three previous groups with their success: The Mayans, the Zapotecs, and the Mexica.
  • Present-day Mexico aligns itself to the Aztecs. In fact, the flag of Mexico has one of the most important symbols: an Eagle with a snake in it's mouth.


Aztec LINKS:

1.  Aztec History - (BEST SITE) A great site for all topics.

2.  The Post Classic Period (900-1521) - Like #1, this site is mostly a timeline. This site has great information on religion and government.

3.  The Mesoamerican Ballgame - A great interactive website that teaches the history and rules of the first team sport in human history.

4.  The Chinampas of Mexico - Chinampas were farms built on top of lakes; this site would help the innovations and stable food supply researchers.

5.  Cortes Conquers Aztecs: 1521 - Good site for the 'downfall' of the Aztecs. (Warfare, religion, government are all discussed.)

6.  History of the Aztecs - Another good site on most topics; great for a biography on their most famous leader Montezuma II.

7. Central America - Though some information is for modern times, this was the location of the Aztec Empire and most info would be similar (Geography).


1.  The Mysterious Maya for Kids - A great site for most topics. You can also use the clip art for educational projects.

2.  Maya - History for Kids! - Great for "daily life."

3.  KidsKonnect: Ancient Mayan - Great for most topics. Cool articles on things like the "Mayan Bat god" and "The 'secret' city of the Maya."

4.  The Mayan Calendar | Calendars - A site that looks at the calendar without all the 'mythology' of the "end of the world in 2012."

5.  Collapse: The Maya - All about the Mayan "fall from grace." Great for government, religion, and innovations. 

6.  Maya Warfare - About Mayan warfare.

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