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Ancient Egypt

 Important Items:

  • Ancient Egypt is anything from 4000-3000BCE until roughly 342BCE, when it was conquered by Persia.
  • The king of Egypt had an unusual title, "pharaoh."
  • Most pyramids built in Africa were not built by Egyptians, but by another group of Africans called Nubians. Nubia was a kingdom located south on the Nile, around the sixth to seventh cataract.

King Tutankhamun's sarcaphogus ( 


1.  Ancient Egypt for Kids - Great for researching all topics. It also provides links to other quality websites. All the clip art can be used on projects, too!

2.  History for Kids: Egypt - Created through Portland State University. Also good for all topics. 

3.  KidsKonnect: Ancient Egypt - Good for Writing, Religion, Geography, Government, Innovations (Pyramids/Mummies), and Art.

4.  Egyptian Mathematics and Numerals - Even gives lessons on how students would have been taught math 5,000 years ago!

5.  Egyptian Numerals - Created by the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. A bit more complex than #4, but more detailed.

6.  Farming in Ancient Egypt - Great for Stable food supply, but also has information on economics.

7.  The Hyksos: People of Ancient Egypt - Very important for warfare. Probably Egypt's "pain in the neck" in a militaristic sense.

8.  Ancient Egypt: Trade - Mostly good for economics, but also geography.

Links recommended by students:

1.  The Ancient Egypt Site-The Language and Literature of Ancient Egypt - (thanks Vanessa) - good for written language.

2.  Ancient Egypt - Created by students of the University of Richmond - (thanks Meghan) - good for economics, religion, and innovations.

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