Mr. Carcaud's Social Studies Page

Greek Mythology 

Mythology - (the body of myths - sacred stories - of a particular culture, or of humankind as a whole; or the study of such myths.)


1.  Greek Mythology - A set of "biographies" of all the major Greek gods, the Titans, and several of the demigods.

2.  Atlantis: the Myth - A look at the myth of Atlantis and how the story originated.

3.  Perseus and Medusa - A famous story, re-written and explained in a simple manner.

4.  Helen of Troy - An article describing how Helen of Troy was one of the most influential figures in classical (and Renaissance) art.

5.  Theseus and the Minotaur - An online game that pits the hero Theseus against the mythical creature The Minotaur - Can you escape?

6.  The Goddess Athena - A whole "encyclopedia" dedicated to Athens' most loved goddess.

7.  Orion - An explanation of the myth of the "famous hunter, captured in the sky."

8.  Heracles and the Twelve Labors - A story of the "strongest mortal of all time." The Romans called him Hercules.

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