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The Inca 

Important Items:

  • Most of the time the Inca were in charge of South America was between 1200-1572CE (A.D.).
  • The Spanish, led by Francisco Pizzaro, led the conquest of the Inca at the end of the 1400's.
  • To the right is the city of Machu Picchu, a fort which has been the best preserved Incan city for archaeologists.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Machu Picchu ( )


1.  Inca for Kids - A great site with information on all topics. The clip art can also be used on educational projects.

2.  Farming like the Incas - A good site with information on farming, irrigation, etc. Made by the Smithsonian Museum.

3.  Pachacuti - Pachacuti was the leader of the Inca who created an empire of a one-time small tribe. (Great for government; Good for economics/warfare).

4.  Pizzaro's Conquest of the Inca - Good for all to see how the Empire of the Inca collapsed. Especially good for warfare.

5.  Inca Empire: One of the best governments of ancient days - Good for government, economics, and warfare.

6.  Inca Religion - 'Nuff said? Created by Encyclopedia Britannica.

7.  Inca Tax Records Were Tied Up In Knots, Study Says - Very good for innovations. Also good for government and economics (fixed 3/10/2014).

8.  Ancient Inca - Good for Math, Art, "Rise of the Inca, and Poetry (added 3-6-2014).

Links recommended by other students:

1.   Understanding Quipu (the "language" of the Inca) - (thanks Emma) - Good for mathematics, written language, and economics.

2.   Engineering in the Inca Empire - (thanks Libby) - Good for farming, road-construction, and a section on Machu Picchu (added 12/6/2017).

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