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The Indians

Important Items:

  • Mathematics, as we know it, has most of its foundation in ancient India.
  • Emperor Ashoka created one of the world's first empires in Asia, and led the only army to defeat Alexander "the Great" in the 300's B.C.
  • As time passed, several empires added India to their lands. When the Muslims added India, the Taj Mahal (right) was built near the city of Agha.

The Taj Mahal ( )


1.  Ancient India: History for Kids - A website for almost every topic (government, culture, innovations, religion and economics).

2.  Mohenjo-Daro: The Ancient City in Photographs - A great interactive site, tons of pictures and a great essay (click "essay") on the ancient city.

3.  Religious Tolerance - An excellent, non-biased site on the Indian religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, and even Jainism.

     a) Diwali - Deepawali, Diwali Festival - A website to understand one of the more important holidays in Hindu religion.

4.  War Elephants - Not a joke, they were seriously used by Indian armies, especially during Alexander "the Great's" era.

5.  Emperor Ashoka - For people doing government (and even religion, as Ashoka often ruled through 'dharma'); he was the most important leader of India.

6.  India's Caste System for Dummies - A great website for basic information on the social classes and economics of Ancient India.

7.  Fifteen Indian Inventions and Discoveries - For Indian inventions (Part 1 of 3, for other parts click on the Author's name).

8.  Monsoon - For students researching geography, stable food supply, and innovations.

9.  Mughal India - Site built by the British Museum, and quite interactive. Good for researching art or innovations, especially the Taj Mahal.

10.  Timeline of India - Site with red links that you can click on to do more research. The site itself is not great, but some of the links are.

11. India, A history of early India - Another basic site on the history of India. Good for most topics, but mostly religion and philosophy.

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