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The Mongol Empire

Important Items:

  • The Mongols were one of the best warrior groups of the ancient/ medieval world.
  • Marco Polo traveled to the Mongol capital, and came back with tales of a wise ruler Kublai Khan.
  • The Mongols were at least partially responsible for the fall of India, China, and post-Alexandrian Persia.



1. The Mongols for Kids - Some basic information, and several links that give additional information on Mongol ideas.

2. The Mongols in World History - The only group to conquer China, the Mongols were in power when Marco Polo arrived in 1275 (warfare, government).

3. Crash Course: The Mongols - a Youtube video on the Mongols, breaking it down to the 'nuts & bolts.'

4. Mongol Empire for Kids - Great information from Dr. Karen Carr of Portland State University, very similar to how Wikipedia presents info.

5. Genghis Khan [biography for kids] - A good biography of the 'George Washington' of the Mongols. Other names are Chinggis & Temujin.

6. Genghis Khan and the Mongols - Sure, it's, but it is written by a woman who lived in Turkmenistan (a country that was once ruled by

    the Mongols.) It has excellent information, and visually similar to Wikipedia.

7. Life in China under Mongol Rule: Religion - A website dedicated to how religion was practiced during the Mongol age.

8. The Gifts of Government - Website dedicated to a museum in Chicago with an exhibit on the Mongols.

9. The History of the Ming Dynasty - This is a Chinese family that kicked the Mongols out; the start of the 'fall' of their empire.

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