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The Vikings

Important Items:

  • The Norse (A.K.A. the Vikings) were a civilization that specialized in seafaring and existed as early as 400 and as long as 1100 CE (A.D.).
  • Leif Ericson was the first European to land in North America, nearly five-hundred years before Columbus.
  • The Norse established major cities such as Oslo, Dublin, and York.


                                                                                                                                                              An artist's depiction of a longboat ( ) 


1.  The Vikings - History for Kids! - A good site that focuses on warfare, economics, and geography for the Vikings.

2.  KidsKonnect: The Vikings - A great site that provides links to websites for almost all topics - great for warfare, innovations, religion, and geography.

3.  The Vikings - Shows the evolution from the Nordic calendar to our own - (ex: Odin's, or Wodin's, day to Wednesday).

4.  Viking Raids: 800-900 - Describes the economic and geographic reasons for the war strategy of "bash and runs" the made the Vikings notorious in Europe.

5.  Vinland Archaeology - A story of the discovery of the remains of a Viking village in Newfoundland, Canada in 1960 (good for geography & exploration).

6.  The Vikings and Money in England - An economic look at how the Angles/Saxons of England and the Norse combined to create modern currency.

7.  Vikings in Ireland - Irish? English? German? Your ancestors may well have been Vikings! This site is good for geography, exploration, and most others.

8.  Food: Viking Style - A website on how the Vikings achieved a "stable food supply," minus the pillaging, of course.

9.  BBC-Primary History-The Vikings - Cartoons and games that teach about the Vikings. Probably for grades 5-6, but provides necessary information.

10. Runic Alphabet- A good website for the Viking Runic alphabet.

Sites recommended by other students:

1.  BBC-History: Viking Money - (thanks Andrew) - A great article by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) on how Viking economics worked. 

2.  The Fate of Greenland's Vikings - (thanks Audra) - A good article on Greenland's Vikings - good for economics, food supply, geography, and exploration.

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