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Basic Histories of Rome: 

1.  Mr. Donn: Ancient Rome for Kids - A good collection of basic information on Ancient Rome (Up until about 400-500 CE).

2.  Ancient Home - History for Kids! - Another collection of basic information, with links to YouTube videos to learn about various topics.

3.  Ancient Rome - Created by the website "socialstudiesforkids." Provides links to other sites geared for students between 5th and 8th grade.

4.  KidsKonnect: Rome - Like the above, a collection of links that will take you to good websites. Geared for students between 5th and 8th grade.

5.  BBC - Primary History - Romans - A collection of basic information for Elementary School aged kids (up until 5th grade).


1.  Online English to Latin to English Dictionary - Also translates to French, Spanish and other languages.

2.  Greek and Latin Roots: Roots - A collection of roots that the English language borrows from Greek and Latin.

3.  Why Study Latin - Advantages of Studying Latin - An article on why students should study the language of the Romans.

Rome: The City

1.  Ancient Rome - A good, brief description of the city of Rome and how it was divided economically.

2.  Map of Ancient Rome - A guide to where you could have found various locations in the ancient city.

3.  Mr. Dowling's Patricians and Plebeians Page - A very brief description of the economic and cultural differences of the people of Rome.

(More to Come)

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