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RESOURCES for North/South Unit

Chapter 19 - "The Worlds of the North and South" (PDF file - takes a while to load)

Google Slides - "The characters of the pre-war period" Citation = (D. Carcaud, Nov. 17, 2016).

Files you may want to download:

(These are Eighth Grade files, only. For Seventh Grade, click here, or go back to the home page.)

1. Mr. Carcaud's 8th-Grade Syllabus (2016-2017)

8thGradeSyl.pdf 8thGradeSyl.pdf
Size : 472.912 Kb
Type : pdf
2. Graphic Organizer - Separation of Powers (10 Points; Due 9/27)

Gr-Orgfor3-Branches.pdf Gr-Orgfor3-Branches.pdf
Size : 104.169 Kb
Type : pdf
3. Causes of the Civil War Book Assignment (27 points; due 12/3)

CausesBookAssignment.pdf CausesBookAssignment.pdf
Size : 148.858 Kb
Type : pdf
4. Reconstruction Assignment: Analyzing Primary & Secondary Sources (13 points; due 1/30 10:00pm)

ChromeBook127.pdf ChromeBook127.pdf
Size : 66.354 Kb
Type : pdf
5. Independent Study Assignment - Westward Expansion / late 1800s America (45 points).

6.  Political Cartoon assignment. Compare political cartoons of the Progressive Era w/ today (35 points)
                                                  **due Friday, March 24

7.  Progressive Era Review Sheet for Quiz #1 (due 3/22)

8a. . Written Proposal of your "Top 10 events of the Decade" due 5/31 (60 points).

8b. Presentation due on Monday 6/5 (40 points).
WrittenJustification-DecadeProj.pdf WrittenJustification-DecadeProj.pdf
Size : 204.639 Kb
Type : pdf
Rubric-MultimediaPresentation.pdf Rubric-MultimediaPresentation.pdf
Size : 79.473 Kb
Type : pdf

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